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Group Programmes

If you are not actively empowering people, then you are probably unintentionally disempowering them. If you want people to perform at the top of their game, then it has to be much more than "It's just business”. Encouraging people to bring their full selves to work is not only human – it’s ESSENTIAL to unlocking growth & performance in a high-pressure, high-performance environment.


The strongest teams are forged in the crucible of conflict and crisis. Under your leadership, people bring their best effort to the table. In the midst of the tension, there is a moment when something “clicks". Something new emerges. Something greater than themselves. People feel a sense of shared purpose, “This is what we’re here to do”. People strengthen the bonds of trust & collaboration. You “get” each other. It energises people to act in an instant.


You’re not alone. It is a team sport, and everyone has a role to play. Everyone is an extraordinary and powerful force for positive change. When you make work personal, naturally you become a better leader.

There’s nothing more thrilling than being part of a fast-moving team working together to win the bigger game. That feeling of power, excitement and energy - it’s addictive!


I’m a deeply curious person and love to tinker. Experiment to understand what motivates people to act. Find the point where the light bulb goes off: “It works.” As a leader, this inner work starts with you and that’s where Roger has helped me evolve a vision that can be shared across the organization. To bring everyone along to run on the rooftops.

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Leadership Brand

Get ready to unleash your leadership potential with our SIGNATURE Leadership Brand workshop! This intensive and interactive program is designed to help participants identify and develop their unique leadership style, build a powerful personal brand, and align their values with their professional goals. Through engaging exercises and lively discussions, they'll learn to understand themselves and others better, communicate their leadership values, inspire others, and create a culture of excellence within their team or organisation. Led by seasoned leadership experts, this workshop will empower participants to step up, stand out, and become the influential leaders they are meant to be. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your leadership game and make your mark in the world of business.

Preparing to Climb
Transformation Programme

Are you leading your organisation through a transformative change? Our dynamic organisation transformation training programme is a 6-week virtual programme designed to equip all your employees with the specific skills, tools, and strategies needed to successfully navigate the complex organisational change. Led by expert instructors, each week participants will dive into a new topic and receive practical tips, tools, and resources that they can apply immediately to their work. With interactive sessions, engaging discussions, and personalised feedback, participants will stay motivated, inspired, and accountable throughout the entire program. Don't miss this opportunity to get everyone to become a change agent and take the organisation to the next level. Speak to us about our organisation transformation training programme and let's transform the future together!


C-Suite Circle

A transformative peer learning programme for top-level executives. Carefully curate a community of C-suite peers and engage them in thought-provoking discussions, share insights and strategies, and tackle common challenges faced by leaders in today's ever-changing business landscape. Led by experienced facilitators, this programme offers a unique opportunity to learn from and with their fellow C-suite executives, gain new perspectives, and elevate their leadership capabilities. Embrace the power of peer learning and convene the C-Suite Circle in your organisation today.

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