• Sophia Chin

My Story: The Path to Success

Updated: Jun 17

My mentors helped me chart a stellar path of success in the first 25 years of my life. I arrived in Singapore on the ASEAN scholarship. I rose through the ranks in JTC Corporation on the “scholar track”. I got married and bought my first property by the time I turned 25.

My life was in fast forward. I was on the bullet train to happily ever after. I followed the structured path to success. I grew up standing on the shoulders of wise giants telling me what to do. It was not difficult to be “perfect”.

My life looked great. Like the photo. But underneath that megawatt smile was something else. It didn't feel the same inside. I didn't feel the same confidence. I was not unhappy. It was just a quiet uncomfortable nagging feeling. When I projected my life forward, I knew this was not it, but yet I didn’t know what "it" looked like. Do I push the nagging feeling aside or do I change?

I chose to follow my own instincts.

I broke up my marriage, against my family’s vehement objections.

I refused to play the yes-man to the new CFO, unlike everyone else, and stuck out like a bad smell and called a stupid scholar.

I walked away from the scholar track, the well-trodden path to success. I dived into the wild unknown. I had to experiment on my own, learn by trial and error. I failed many times, but I learnt to get back up and become better. I learned the difference between looking good and feeling good.

Today, I’m an entrepreneur and a performance coach. I feel part of something greater, doing work that I love. I live in a testosterone-driven home with hubby and 3 sons, co-creating our dream beach villa at the Tip of Borneo with the local Rungus community. I created my own path to success.

Success is a matter of choice. I knew there was something better. I didn’t wait for it to happen. I chose to change. I had the audacity to trust my intuition (obviously delusional) over conventional wisdom. I had to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Through the effort, I gained better clarity every day, and developed muscles that I never knew I had.

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