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If you are not actively empowering people, then you are probably unintentionally disempowering them. If you want people to perform at the top of their game, then it has to be much more than "It's just business”. Encouraging people to bring their full selves to work is not only human – it’s ESSENTIAL to unlocking growth & performance in a high-pressure, high-performance environment.


The strongest teams are forged in the crucible of conflict and crisis. Under your leadership, people bring their best effort to the table. In the midst of the tension, there is a moment when something “clicks". Something new emerges. Something greater than themselves. People feel a sense of shared purpose, “This is what we’re here to do”. People strengthen the bonds of trust & collaboration. You “get” each other. It energises people to act in an instant.


You’re not alone. It is a team sport, and everyone has a role to play. Everyone is an extraordinary and powerful force for positive change. When you make work personal, naturally you become a better leader.

There’s nothing more thrilling than being part of a fast-moving team working together to win the bigger game. That feeling of power, excitement and energy - it’s addictive!


I’m a deeply curious person and love to tinker. Experiment to understand what motivates people to act. Find the point where the light bulb goes off: “It works.” As a leader, this inner work starts with you and that’s where Roger has helped me evolve a vision that can be shared across the organization. To bring everyone along to run on the rooftops.



Most existing organisational learning methods are based on learning by reflecting on the experiences of the past. Things like case studies, best practices and management models are developed based on studying the successes of previous leaders and organisations.


However, there are times when leaders face challenges that cannot be addressed just by reflecting on the experience of the past. Sometimes the experience of the past is not very useful. Sometimes it becomes the very obstacle that stops us from coming up with a new way of responding to a situation.


In these situations, a second source of learning is more appropriate, that is, learning by connecting with emerging future possibilities. Sometimes the best way to figure things out is to go through the process yourself. In other words, the best way to learn to become a great leader is by doing the job. When you look at all the great leaders, you could almost say that the challenges they faced brought the leader out in them. They rose to the situation. Each challenge they faced was THE opportunity for growth. This is learning in the flow of work. Learning at the speed of business. You learn multiple leadership topics in parallel - personal leadership, communications, culture, strategy development, operations management - because they are relevant to your current context, and they are all inter-related. Rather than in serial order with a programmatic approach.


Our role as a catalyst (not a consultancy) means that every interaction focuses on helping you and your teams to develop better capacity to connect with emerging future possibilities, rather than having outside experts telling you what to do based on past experiences.

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Practical Skills

Our approach to training is experiential and customised to sharpen the relevant skills to meet the current real-life challenges you are facing in the organisation, rather than programmatic based on a fixed syllabus. Sometimes this means helping people deepen basic leadership skills such as listening.


Some of our popular training modules:

* Foundations of Communication

* Own Your Power

* Managers As Coaches

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Peer Learning

POWER CIRCLES are curated peer learning groups that promote learning from connecting with emerging future possibilities. Circles Members connect with a group of leaders who are experiencing the same set of challenges and support each other to cultivate growth from the inside out, guided by a skilled facilitator. Circles provide a safe environment for leaders to discuss growth opportunities, pain points and seek advice from their peer set.

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Team Workshops

FIGHT CLUB is our signature team experience that we will tailor to fit your specific context.


Some of our popular engagement types:

* Articulate team mission, vision and purpose development

* Establish team operating principles (ways of working)

* Co-create culture across the organisation (values)


  1. Connect with a peer group who are experiencing the same set of challenges, guided by a skilled facilitator.

  2. Learn from three different perspectives as an active observer, advisor, and case giver.

  3. Consistent connections to learn and share the journey with a community of peers.


  1. Connect with a skilled advocate who’s in your corner at all times.

  2. Take a deep dive into your present situation, with focused support.

  3. Space for self-reflection and behaviour change to unlock the best way for you to lead, in a way only you can.




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If you can see how things can be better, change it. Your POWER comes from doing something. Everyone leads, every day.

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Embrace your ideas, the good ones and the crazy ones. Accept it, no one else thinks like you, and that makes you extraordinary. Unleash your PASSION.


That’s why you are part of the team doing something greater than yourself. Choose to only do great work. This will give you PURPOSE.

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Change is not easy. But easy is not the goal; greatness is. Only you can change your results. Own your PRIZE.

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