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With All Your Heart


If you are a brand, what will your brand stand for?


You have something very special and unique. You have something worth saying. It can’t be taken from you because it’s essential to who you are. And you can lead people with that. You can scale and build on that, whether it’s a career, a leadership team, or a company. It’s the thing you believe you are uniquely positioned to do. The thing you fundamentally believe you are the best person in the world to do. Where you have a unique proposition, given your story, to solve that problem. 


This is the essence of your leadership persona.

A brand can scale. You cannot be in every meeting room all the time.


Creating your Brand Book is an amazing process. As it unfolds, you find yourself saying, “that’s really me.” You reconnect with your power and feel stronger. Roger is great at both extracting your traits and reflecting them to you! Recommend it to leaders who are looking to stand in their power to create a bigger impact.

Hanzade Aytaçlı, Business Director, Marketing at Skin Inc.



HBR will have you believe that there is a standard formula for becoming a successful CEO.  A model answer for CEO excellence. They make effective leadership look almost effortless. Just add water, and ready to lead.


They are all lies.


Sure, we’ve come across great leaders who make effective leadership look natural and effortless. They have that… je ne sais quoi. They look so effortlessly confident. Working with them feels easy. They bring out the best in everyone, helping teams and organisations prosper. They’re the dream bosses. They deliver extraordinary results, and they make it all look easy.


Here’s the thing. Making leadership look that easy actually requires a lot of hard work and careful cultivation of good habits and mindsets. Over a period of time. It doesn't stay the same; it evolves. And it’s personal. It’s not the same for everyone. All great leaders are constantly reinventing themselves. It’s a lifelong practice of refining and deepening your unique leadership qualities. We call this process leadership branding.


Revamp your leadership persona.



New to role leader looking to facilitate powerful transitions: Whether you are new to the organisation or moving up within the same organisation, activate your team around strategic priorities and lead people into the future. When you are clear about what’s important and what’s not, a lot of the bullsh*t just falls away. Rock your first 100 days to set up 1000 days of success.

Senior leaders looking to develop leadership presence: The higher you go, the more strategic you have to be about how you present yourself. Tell your story, of who you are and what you’re here to do. That story scales. Stories connect with people in ways that plain facts can never do. You’re not alone. It’s a team sport, and everyone has a role to play.


Leaders at the crossroads: You have many paths opening up in front of you. You want to ensure your next move is worthwhile waking up to in the mornings. Reclaim your power. The leader within you is waiting. It gives you your edge. Slay your interviews and land your dream job. Pack your bags for the next level. There’s a bigger game to be won here.



You will get the best results from leadership branding if:

  • You are ready to embrace who you want to be in the future

  • You are willing to do the inner work and go deep

  • You can actively engage in the process


You don’t need these to begin the leadership branding process:

  • A clearly articulated brand

  • Have the “right” job or qualification

  • Be in an external-facing or people-facing role


These qualities emerge as a result of the leadership branding process. They are not prerequisites for leadership branding.


You are unlikely to benefit from leadership branding if:

  • You do not see a need to manage your leadership brand

  • You are unwilling to look inwards

  • You are resistant to being open and emotionally vulnerable


The BRAND CARD articulates a set of four principles that make up your leadership brand. These principles are fundamental truths about you and what you believe, and they serve as a North Star to drive consistent and powerful behaviours. Without it, we react to all things thrown at us as individual events, as if experiencing them for the first time. You end up moving an inch in a million directions, creating a fuzzy leadership brand. 

Running Shoes

The BRAND BOOK articulates the thing you believe you are uniquely positioned to do. We first take you through a deep self-introspection process to look at the truth of who you are and what you are up to. From that place of inner strength and resilience, the leader within emerges, unleashing a great superpower. We capture this creative genius in the BRAND BOOK. In its essence, the BRAND BOOK process aims to show you that you already have what it takes to become a great leader. You simply have to reconnect with it. Experience this life-changing process and fundamentally change the trajectory of your life and the organisation. 

Girl Running in Urban Scenery

In the MEDIA KIT, you see what an image can do, and how important it can be.  We all know a good picture of ourselves when we see one, conveys a thousand words, pointing to your je ne sais quoi. It can’t be taken from you because it’s essential to who you are. And you can lead people with that. To create your MEDIA KIT we work with a top fashion photographer to capture a picture that resonates with your BRAND CARD or BRAND BOOK copy and leadership principles.

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