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My goal as a speaker is to energise your audience for impact with practical, actionable steps to elevate their performance at work, without burning out.

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Prior Speaking Engagements

As both a professional coach, facilitator and host of several of my own podcasts, I understand the important role speakers play in holding the space for others' success.


I’ve presented for clients, delivered workshops and keynotes at industry events such as;

  • InnovFest unbound

  • ST-SMU Education Forum

  • Panel Discussion Moderator | Future Workforce Asia Summit

  • Innov8rs Singapore  'Leadership for Innovation'. 


My most requested keynotes are on the topics of Leadership Branding,

Human Performance At Work, and The Mindset Behind Fast Organisational Change. I can customise a presentation for your audience as well.


Suggested topics;

  • Enough of Product-Market fit; let's talk about your Founder-Market fit.

  • Organisational change: in weeks, not years.

  • The new reality of performance management: Human performance at work.

Suggested interview questions:

How do you help leaders elevate their executive presence and influence? 

Roger will share how having a Leadership Brand has helped founders, CEOs and Partners across Asia to clearly articulate their vivid and inspiring vision that compels people to action.


Key takeaway: No extraordinary journey is linear. Greatness requires a personal commitment. This requires a leap of faith. Your Leadership Brand is a representation of your personal commitment to scale the impact you want to have in the world.

What should people do first when defining their Leadership Brand? Is there an order, or is it just throwing stuff up against a wall and seeing what sticks?

Roger will share the Ready-Set-Go approach and the four leadership principles that make up your Leadership Brand.


Key takeaway: There is no silver bullet or overnight success. Change is not easy, but easy is not the goal; greatness is.

There’s so much noise out there in the market and everyone really tends to sound the same (like a collection of car bumper stickers or pithy t-shirt slogans). How can a Leadership Brand really say something that’s unique?

Roger will share the power of making leadership personal - greatness requires a personal commitment to scale your impact in the world. How to use your Leadership Brand to shift the needle on the 3 core leadership gaps;

  • Clearly articulate your vision.

    • Lead the organization with a shared vision and purpose (founder-market fit).

  • Attract, grow and retain the best talents and partners “who put their skin in the game”

    • Heighten your influence inside and outside the organization by listening & understanding deeply the context of others.

  • Navigate the complexity with grace and power.

    • Handle uncomfortable conversations and inspire breakthrough insights with quality authentic conversations.

What you can expect from me?

You can expect the following from me:

• 100% preparation, passion, and energy in my presentation

• Extra-mile engagement with your audience (I love connecting with attendees after sessions)

• Strict adherence to all presentation time limits and event guidelines

• Prompt, punctual, and clear correspondence on all logistics

• No profanity in my talks

My bio

I believe in making leadership personal. You already have a leadership persona and a natural motivation. Once connected you become unstoppable. Start by giving yourself the space to learn.

I'm here to help accelerate the growth of Asia by accelerating leadership for corporate athletes to reach new levels of performance. By building a platform to help you define your leadership brand and go live up to it. Be your own coach. Give yourself the space to learn in the flow of work.

I do this thing: slow down to go fast. I'm good at holding the space for leaders to learn, listen without judgement and shine a light on their X-Factor. For 20 years, I have led highly empowered teams to create innovative customer-centric technology services across the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Now coaching professionally for 8 years.

I feel a great stillness when I bear witness to people's raw power to do good in the world - humble world domination. Energises me for impact.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+65 9798 8021 

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