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Magical Breakthroughs

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Are you looking to make a magical breakthrough in 2019?

In 2013 we could see a cliff coming. We realised that we were no longer fighting traditional competitors. We were going head-to-head with mighty tech titans dressed up as grandma. At the same time, our clients were telling us that we were doing something different and we should offer it as a paid service. We have something magical here, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it.


How do you deal with something that is not there yet?

How do you figure it all out?

All too often I have looked externally for answers. I held onto a belief that someone else has it all figured out, “Bring in the ‘expert’. Tell me what I need to do.” But really, how true is that?

Sometimes the outside noise can be so loud that we fail to listen to our own wisdom.


When you’re already playing at the top of your game and you’re seeking for inches, the magical breakthroughs come when you do that inner work. Stand in your circle of power. Rock your persona. When you act from a place of authenticity, it inspires and mobilises people to join you.

Only you can choose to stand in your circle of power. No one can do it for you. It has to come from within. And that’s where the power lies.

Within a year, we created a new coaching business and delivered 10 transformational coaching engagements.


We’ll love to be in your corner to create a magical breakthrough. Fight Club Magical Breakthrough© 2019 is a 6-month coaching programme to help you define and stand in your circle of power. To challenge and stretch you to be the best version of yourself and get maximum results within 6 months.

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PERSONNA is a leadership development company focused on the people side of transformation. We hold a simple belief that everyone is an extraordinary and powerful force for positive change. When you make work personal, naturally you become a better leader.

We’re here to help people become better leaders, build highly-effective teams, and create a culture of trust & collaboration in their organisations. We provide leadership branding, leadership coaching and group experiences. If you are curious to learn more drop us an email to

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