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Using Purpose to Unlock Innovation Webinar

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

In times of tough change, your best people will stay and continue to fight only because they WANT to. 

When they are approached by recruiters, they say, “No, I have unfinished business here.”

No, I have unfinished business here.

The innovation process is painful and bloody. It’s not business-as-usual, it’s deeply personal.

When individuals work with purpose, they focus on the longer-term impact their work creates, not just the short-term pain. 

Unlock purpose in 10 minutes. It doesn’t have to take months or even days for your people to activate their purpose. Imperative developed an assessment based on data science.

Join our free webinar on "Using Purpose to Unlock Innovation”, co-hosted with Imperative, to learn how you can use purpose to unlock innovation in your teams and organisation.

Be great to have you join us.

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PERSONNA is a leadership development company focused on the people side of transformation. We hold a simple belief that everyone is an extraordinary and powerful force for positive change. When you make work personal, naturally you become a better leader.

We’re here to help people become better leaders, build highly-effective teams, and create a culture of trust & collaboration in their organisations. We provide leadership branding, leadership coaching and group experiences. If you are curious to learn more drop us an email to

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