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Failing to listen is to fail to innovate

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

January is the peak season for thinking about how to make things better.

Would you buy your next Cartier ring using WeChat?

In 2003 Sophia proposed to me with a Cartier ring. She went to the boutique to find the perfect ring. Today with Cartier China, Sophia could have a concierge experience to choose and purchase the ring through WeChat.

“WeChat transcends eCommerce and is first and foremost about connecting to our customers,” says Renaud Litré, chief executive of Cartier in China, giving customers “easy access to one-to-one communication with sales staff.”

What I learnt from innovation leaders in luxury companies is the need to challenge our thinking on connecting to consumers and meeting them where they are. Old school listening helps to drive brand love and retention without big advertising budgets.

Failing to listen is to fail to innovate.

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