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Leadership Motto: Energise for Impact

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

In today's fast-paced minute-by-minute, meeting-by-meeting corporate environment, people often struggle to find the energy within to create the impact they signed up for. Energise for Impact helps scale your impact and not end up burned out and resentful of change.

"Energise for Impact" is my motto to scale impact at work in Asia, encapsulating a belief that small groups of energised and motivated people can move mountains. You can scale your impact on the world, whether in your personal or professional life, by making leadership personal.

"Energise for impact" is an invitation underpinned by two ideas:

1. Energy follows attention: Where you place your attention, your energy will also flow. It's a reminder that you will scale impact where you focus your thoughts and intentions.

2. Attention intention: Hold the intention - not the outcome - is the key to scaling your impact. It's a reminder to focus on what matters to you and what you want to achieve, rather than wasting your energy on things that don't matter.

Some of the benefits of Energising for Impact:

  1. Increased Productivity: Energising for Impact helps you make the most of the time you have. Energises others around you by aligning on a common vision to accomplish more in less time.

  2. Improved Health: Energising for Impact can also improve your health. You recognise when you are excited and take advantage of it. Avoid loading stress into your body by acting from states of boredom and being overwhelmed, making it easier to stay active and engaged (not just turning up for tick-in-the-box meetings).

  3. Greater Focus: Energising for Impact helps you hold your intention on the bigger game. By working during times when you have the most energy, you avoid being pulled into the toxic radiation of drama triangles and bring others back to focus on the bigger game.

  4. Enhanced Creativity: Energising for Impact boost your creativity. When you're feeling energised, you are more creative, and collaborative and can see the big picture. Your mind is more likely to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

  5. Improved Work-Life Balance: Energising for Impact helps you balance your work and personal life. By taking advantage of your most productive times, you free up more time, giving yourself space to spend time looking after your body, friends and family.

Just know, things are going to get better when you Energise for Impact. You will start to tap into hidden energy reserves you never knew you had. Able to navigate uncomfortable conversations, and embrace the harsh realities with grace & power. Happier, leading for the right reasons.

Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction - William James

But a quick word of warning. There is a common barrier when you Energise for Impact - you have to connect with emotions. We were not trained to do this. "It's just business, it's not personal" is the corporate mantra. Connecting with emotions can be uncomfortable. At first, you may feel a knot in your stomach and that's ok. Change is hard. The good news is your emotions are rocket fuel to skillfully power change. Stay with the knot feeling, and motivation soon follows to take ownership and promise action.

Avoid using anger, blame or shame against yourself or others. Else, the energy-sucking vampire squid wins, you'll either eject to a new role or worst, stay and become comfortably miserable. Another drone on autopilot wandering around the office banging your head against the wall for a paycheque.


So, make space for yourself to Energise for Impact. Yes, rest is part of your job. All those good things we know as leaders, but don't do; like quality 7 to 9 hours of sleep, and exercise to complete daily stress cycles. Don’t force or continue to load stress into your body when you already know you are bored or overwhelmed. If someone says "hey, I'm getting close to burnout", they are already burnt out, over the edge and well into a serious personal energy crisis. Not just at work, it will be overflowing at home too. Stress is one of the biggest killers. Said another way, reducing stress, reduces chronic diseases.

You can scale your impact on the world, whether in your personal or professional life, by making leadership personal.

The Power of Small & Committed

Energising for Impact is important to leaders and teams using their resources and energy to drive positive change in their industry or community. Else, you end up putting out a million watts in 1000 directions scaling the kind of impact nobody wants. Discharging energy outwards. Blaming everyone else for missing the opportunity in front of you.

Everyone deserves to wake up with a spark in the morning, energised for impact. May you delight the world with your greatness.

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PERSONNA is a leadership development company specialising in Leadership Branding. We are here to support ambitious leaders and teams in Asia to scale their impact at work without burning out. We provide leadership branding, leadership coaching and group experiences. Personna has been developing leaders since 2010.

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