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Giving Is Not Just for The Rich

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

When we think about philanthropists, we think of people who have hospitals or universities named after them.

We are now seeing a new wave of philanthropists. They are young, visionary and bursting with goodness. And they are giving back in a whole new way. One of them is Peter Draw (

Peter Draw has spent 16 years using his first love to remind the world to, first, love. Drawing is Peter’s, first love. He draws, and inspires others to draw, to bring happiness to children all over the world.

Peter shares: "It's true we can't protect every child. But for those we can, we must. This is why I draw." Peter started at 16 years old.

Peter’s grandfather was a huge inspiration when he was young. His grandfather shared about this famous artist who was told when he was young that he couldn’t draw, held the pencil in a weird way, liked to wear red, and got kicked out of art class because he couldn’t afford the fees. This artist didn’t give up hope. He believed in himself and kept trying, until he became successful. He created Disneyland, and his name is Picasso. Little Peter dreamt of one day becoming like this artist.

Little Peter went on to do big things. He broke four Guinness World Records in drawing, travelled around the world on humanitarian aid missions, and started a movement called Little Draws. Most importantly, it brought beautiful smiles to children in places where almost all hope seems lost. Peter calls this the sweetest gift – a simple gesture is all that matters.

“An act of love is an act of courage.” – Peter Draw

Peter did all this, despite his youth and humble background. The journey was not easy, “my heart was broken time and time again”. Peter hit a low point when he was 26. He went into a “blue funk” working at temporary projects trying to repay the loan he had racked up. Peter cooped himself at home for months. But slowly, like the Picasso of his childhood, Peter picked himself up, and found his way back to his passion, inspiring children through drawing.

His message of love has since attracted like-minded partners, including international celebrities like Jackie Chan: “Peter’s dedication of the whole of his entire adult life, drawing to protect children who cannot protect themselves, has warmed the hearts of many children and adults alike, including me.” Peter is currently working on a line-up of exciting projects to impact more lives, including the Peter Draw Studio for children.

At PERSONNA, we believe in living larger than self. We trust in truth and courage. Peter shows us that we do not need to wait to be rich and retired to give back. It was not all a fairy tale. There were low points, too. We got a sense that Peter was drawn into other people’s unspoken agenda at some points, but he learnt, and continues to stay true to his vision.

“Do something you love today. Things will get tough, but how difficult can tough be when you love it enough.” – Peter Draw

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