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Hunting for Treasure. Leadership is an inside job.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Once there was a girl called Jessica. She had a delightful childhood, daddy and mummy loved her very much and she had everything her little heart wished for. One day, daddy sat her down and said "You're ready. It's time to leave home and go in search of your treasure".

"But I'm happy here. I don't want to leave. And even if I did leave, where would I go?", Jessica resisted.

"You’ll be ok. It’ll take some time, and you may need to work for it, but you’ll find your treasure", Jessica's dad reassured her.

"But what's my treasure?", Jessica dug for more information.

"I do not have the answer. You have to discover it for yourself", Jessica's dad answered cryptically.

"Then how will I know if I’ve found it?", Jessica asked.

"Like how you know you love me, you’ll know when you see it", Jessica's dad replied.

Jessica loved and trusted her father, so she decided to venture out into the big big world. Where should she even start looking? She was completely lost. She decided to get some advice. She approached some experts. "It looks like you've found your treasure. How do I find mine?", she asked. 

They told her to do many things, and she did it;

  • Battery of personality tests;

  • Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela;

  • Charity work in Cambodia;

  • Vipassana 10-day silent meditation retreat in Bogor, Indonesia.

But nothing worked. She hadn't found her treasure. Daddy didn’t know what he was talking about. There’s no such treasure. And she gave up her quest. 

Her money had run out. She needed to find a job. What can she do? 

She didn’t have any special skill. She had been so busy chasing her treasure. All she had were her stories. And so she started writing her stories. She told her stories to anyone who was willing to listen. People liked her stories. People who were also in search of their treasures.

And when she was no longer looking, she found her treasure.

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