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Using Purpose to Unlock Innovation (Part 2): From Personal Purpose to Impact

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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In times of tough change, how do you get your best people to stay and continue to fight?

Focused on Impact

In 2014, we were heading towards a cliff - we weren't fighting with traditional known competitors, but a mighty tech titan. We iterated new products and services - the failures were crushing. Jumping ship seemed like the obvious choice. Some quit, some stayed, and some quit but stayed on the payroll.

When individuals work with purpose, they focus on the longer-term impact their work creates, not just the short-term pain.

When they are approached by recruiters they say, "No, I have unfinished business here."

Unlock New Ideas

Innovation is built on ideas leading to impact. Purpose unlocks new ideas in people. In an interview with Imperative, Dolf van den Brink, Heineken Mexico CEO, shared how his company “is saving several million dollars a year by selling their used paper bottle labels to paper companies to make napkins and tissues.” The source of the idea came from a maintenance worker in one of their breweries.

Where others saw trash, he had seen the potential to be a more sustainable business and make money in the process.

When people work following their Leadership Persona, consisting of Passion, Purpose, Power and Prize, they become unstoppable. In Imperative’s global survey (in partnership with LinkedIn Talent Solution), employees with purpose engage customers better, perform better, stay longer and are more likely to be leaders.

It doesn’t have to take years, months or even days, to own a purpose. Our partner, Imperative, has developed an assessment based on the science of purpose to drive organisational performance and growth.

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Part 2: From Personal Purpose to Impact

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