• Roger Grant

LEADERSHIP MOMENTS. Catching People In The Act Of Leading

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Big congrats for leading the team through some hairy moments during the first half. Now you've got the second half exactly where you want it. Well done! 

You've been full-on with a myriad of things coming at you right up to the last minute. Take a breath and acknowledge the moments: the leadership moments.

How often do you acknowledge the leadership moments?

Like acknowledging the people who made the unreal real, with a simple "Hey, I saw what you did there. That's special, thanks for leading that."

Leadership is something that everyone can participate in. Everyone leads, every day.

The mistakes I've made all too often is skipping over these leadership moments, straight to the business of the new quarter. I've realised that if I'm not actively empowering people, I'm accidentally disempowering them. 

Great leaders aren't born. You develop better leaders by observing and catching them in the act of leading.

When you recognise people's leadership moments, they will get a leader's high, and for sure want to repeat that behaviour. That feeling of power, excitement and energy - it's addictive!

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